¿Qué formatos son compatibles?

En realidad, la aplicación es capaz de leer prácticamente todos los formatos audio y vídeo.

3g2 3GP2 format
3gp 3GP format
4xm 4X Technologies format
a64 a64 - video for Commodore 64
aac raw ADTS AAC
ac3 raw AC-3
act ACT Voice file format
adf Artworx Data Format
aea MD STUDIO audio
aiff Audio IFF
alaw PCM A-law format
alsa ALSA audio output
amr 3GPP AMR file format
anm Deluxe Paint Animation
apc CRYO APC format
ape Monkey's Audio
asf ASF format
asf_stream ASF format
ass Advanced SubStation Alpha subtitle format
au SUN AU format
avi AVI format
avm2 Flash 9 (AVM2) format
avs AVS format
bethsoftvid Bethesda Softworks VID format
bfi Brute Force & Ignorance
bin Binary text
bink Bink
bit G.729 BIT file format
bmv Discworld II BMV
c93 Interplay C93
caf Apple Core Audio Format
cavsvideo raw Chinese AVS video
cdg CD Graphics Format
cdxl Commodore CDXL video format
crc CRC testing format
daud D-Cinema audio format
dfa Chronomaster DFA
dirac raw Dirac
dnxhd raw DNxHD (SMPTE VC-3)
dsicin Delphine Software International CIN format
dts raw DTS
dv DV video format
dv1394 DV1394 A/V grab
dvd MPEG-2 PS format (DVD VOB)
dxa DXA
ea Electronic Arts Multimedia Format
ea_cdata Electronic Arts cdata
eac3 raw E-AC-3
f32be PCM 32 bit floating-point big-endian format
f32le PCM 32 bit floating-point little-endian format
f64be PCM 64 bit floating-point big-endian format
f64le PCM 64 bit floating-point little-endian format
fbdev Linux framebuffer
ffm FFM (FFserver live feed) format
ffmetadata FFmpeg metadata in text format
film_cpk Sega FILM/CPK format
filmstrip Adobe Filmstrip
flac raw FLAC
flic FLI/FLC/FLX animation format
flv FLV format
framecrc framecrc testing format
framemd5 Per-frame MD5 testing format
g722 raw G.722
g723_1 raw G.723.1
g729 G.729 raw format demuxer
gif GIF Animation
gsm raw GSM
gxf GXF format
h261 raw H.261
h263 raw H.263
h264 raw H.264 video format
hls,applehttp Apple HTTP Live Streaming format
ico Microsoft Windows ICO
idcin id Cinematic format
idf iCE Draw File
iff Interchange File Format
image2 image2 sequence
image2pipe piped image2 sequence
ingenient raw Ingenient MJPEG
ipmovie Interplay MVE format
ipod iPod H.264 MP4 format
ismv ISMV/ISMA (Smooth Streaming) format
iss Funcom ISS format
iv8 A format generated by IndigoVision 8000 video server
ivf On2 IVF
jack JACK Audio Connection Kit
jacosub JACOsub subtitle format
jv Bitmap Brothers JV
lavfi Libavfilter virtual input device
libdc1394 dc1394 v.2 A/V grab
lmlm4 lmlm4 raw format
loas LOAS AudioSyncStream
lxf VR native stream format (LXF)
m4v raw MPEG-4 video format
matroska Matroska file format
matroska, webm Matroska/WebM file format
md5 MD5 testing format
mgsts Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
microdvd MicroDVD subtitle format
mjpeg raw MJPEG video
mkvtimestamp_v2 extract pts as timecode v2 format, as defined by mkvtoolnix
mlp raw MLP
mm American Laser Games MM format
mmf Yamaha SMAF
mov MOV format
mov, mp4, m4a, 3gp, 3g2, mj2 QuickTime/MPEG-4/Motion JPEG 2000 format
mp2 MPEG audio layer 2
mp3 MPEG audio layer 3
mp4 MP4 format
mpc Musepack
mpc8 Musepack SV8
mpeg MPEG-1 System format
mpeg1video raw MPEG-1 video
mpeg2video raw MPEG-2 video
mpegts MPEG-2 transport stream format
mpegtsraw MPEG-2 raw transport stream format
mpegvideo raw MPEG video
mpjpeg MIME multipart JPEG format
msnwctcp MSN TCP Webcam stream
mtv MTV format
mulaw PCM mu-law format
mvi Motion Pixels MVI format
mxf Material eXchange Format
mxf_d10 Material eXchange Format, D-10 Mapping
mxg MxPEG clip file format
nc NC camera feed format
nsv Nullsoft Streaming Video
null raw null video format
nut NUT format
nuv NuppelVideo format
ogg Ogg
oma Sony OpenMG audio
oss Open Sound System playback
pmp Playstation Portable PMP format
psp PSP MP4 format
psxstr Sony Playstation STR format
pva TechnoTrend PVA file and stream format
qcp QCP format
r3d REDCODE R3D format
rawvideo raw video format
rcv VC-1 test bitstream
rl2 RL2 format
rm RealMedia format
roq raw id RoQ format
rpl RPL/ARMovie format
rso Lego Mindstorms RSO format
rtp RTP output format
rtsp RTSP output format
s16be PCM signed 16 bit big-endian format
s16le PCM signed 16 bit little-endian format
s24be PCM signed 24 bit big-endian format
s24le PCM signed 24 bit little-endian format
s32be PCM signed 32 bit big-endian format
s32le PCM signed 32 bit little-endian format
s8 PCM signed 8 bit format
sap SAP output format
sbg SBaGen binaural beats script
sdl SDL output device
sdp SDP
segment segment muxer
shn raw Shorten
siff Beam Software SIFF
smjpeg Loki SDL MJPEG
smk Smacker video
sol Sierra SOL format
sox SoX native format
spdif IEC 61937 (used on S/PDIF - IEC958)
srt SubRip subtitle format
svcd MPEG-2 PS format (VOB)
swf Flash format
thp THP
tiertexseq Tiertex Limited SEQ format
tmv 8088flex TMV
truehd raw TrueHD
tta True Audio
tty Tele-typewriter
txd Renderware TeXture Dictionary
u16be PCM unsigned 16 bit big-endian format
u16le PCM unsigned 16 bit little-endian format
u24be PCM unsigned 24 bit big-endian format
u24le PCM unsigned 24 bit little-endian format
u32be PCM unsigned 32 bit big-endian format
u32le PCM unsigned 32 bit little-endian format
u8 PCM unsigned 8 bit format
vc1 raw VC-1
vc1test VC-1 test bitstream format
vcd MPEG-1 System format (VCD)
video4linux2, v4l2 Video4Linux2 device grab
vmd Sierra VMD format
vob MPEG-2 PS format (VOB)
voc Creative Voice file format
vqf Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) TwinVQ
w64 Sony Wave64 format
wav WAV format
wc3movie Wing Commander III movie format
webm WebM file format
wsaud Westwood Studios audio format
wsvqa Westwood Studios VQA format
wtv Windows Television (WTV)
wv WavPack
xa Maxis XA File Format
xbin eXtended BINary text (XBIN)
xmv Microsoft XMV
xwma Microsoft xWMA
yop Psygnosis YOP Format
yuv4mpegpipe YUV4MPEG pipe format