Online Audio Equalizer

Boost or reduce specific frequencies of any audio file

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Simple and Accurate

The user-intuitive interface and impressive frequency spectrum make this free online equalizer an invaluable sound editing tool.

Predefined Presets

Our online audio app supports many EQ presets. Pick any of the available options until you find the one that suits you.

Highly Customizable

Do you want to hone your music on your own? Our audio equalizer app lets you fully customize equalizer sound settings to get the perfect tune.

No Limitations

Unlike other equalizers, our free app gives you access to all functions at no cost. You don't have to register or subscribe to use it either.

Play and Edit

Your mobile device doesn't support the music file? With our equalizer, you can play any file type while modifying the sound in real-time.

Convert Result

After you’re done adjusting bass frequencies and decibels, you are free to save results in such popular formats as mp3, m4a, m4r, flac, or wav.

How to boost bass online?
Choose an audio file
Select files directly from your device, open them from cloud storage (Dropbox or Google Drive) or enter a URL.
Adjust the sound
Use sliders in the audio equalizer app to modify frequencies and decibels or select one of the EQ presets.
Choose the file type
When you are satisfied with the sound, select an audio format (mp3, m4a, m4r, flac, or wav) and save it to your device.
Our free audio equalizer tool can help you fine-tune any audio file while listening to it in real-time. You can change the intensity of frequencies and decibels on your own or apply one of eighteen equalizer sound presets. Unlike many other types of equalizers, this app doesn't hide essential features behind the paywall or annoying ads. Moreover, it's extremely easy to fine-tune your music regardless of the original file format and size.
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