Audio Reverser

Reverse your audio files online and make them play backwards

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Works from Anywhere

You can reverse audio online without installing any software. Simply select files from any device or add them from your cloud storage.

Consistent Quality

Our online audio reverser doesn’t degrade or compress the original file. Therefore, you can enjoy a modified file in its original quality and format.

Quick Results

Don't like to wait? This reverse audio app will only take a moment of your time. Drag your file to the window, and it'll be ready before you can blink!

Automated Process

Reverse Audio transforms files without any effort on your part. All you have to do is select a file, wait for a second, and download the results!

No Sign-Up

Take advantage of this free online app without limitations. Reverse audio for free without signing up, subscribing, or suffering through ads.

All Formats

There's no need to reformat or compress your music. This online app supports all file formats (mp3, m4a, m4r, flac, or wav) and large files.

How to reverse audio with our app?
Pick an audio file
Drag the file into the online audio reverser. You can also select from Google Drive and Dropbox, or open files via URL.
Wait a moment
Reverse Audio alters the file automatically and provides you with a download link in a matter of seconds.
Save result
Click “Save” to download the modified file and open it on your device to play audio in reverse.
Audio Reverser is a free online app that allows you to modify audio files to make them play backwards. With this app, you can download the altered file without quality deterioration and play audio in reverse in less than a minute. Our online audio reverser supports all popular file formats and works with files up to $MAX_PREMIUM_FILESIZE$. And the best part – you can alter your files in just a few clicks.
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