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With you can cut any audio file online. No more complicated programs for cutting songs and creating ringtones for your mobile device. Three simple steps and your ringtone is ready!

Online MP3 Cutter

Here is the online application for cutting music. It allows you to effortlessly cut out a desired musical fragment from an MP3 file or a file in other formats, in order, for example to set it up as a customized ringtone for your mobile phone. Our web application is free; it was designed for a single purpose, which makes it easy to use unlike complicated professional audio editors:

  1. Just open the file (audio or video)
  2. Adjust the interval and click "Cut"
  3. Save the track on your computer’s hard drive

Detailed instructions on how to cut a song.

Cut MP3 Instantly

Once you open an MP3 file, you can cut it immediately. This makes it possible to use the application even having a slow Internet connection.

Create Your Own iPhone Ringtones

You can save the fragment you cut in M4R format which is supported by iPhone as a ringtone. More on how to create a ringtone for your iPhone?

Cut Sound from a Video File

If you upload a video file, the cutter will extract the audio track from it. More on how to extract the sound from a video?

Fade-In and Fade-Out functions

This function can be useful when creating ringtones for your mobile phone. The sound will start from silence and gradually become louder within a few seconds. Read more on tips for cutting music.

Support of All Major Audio and Video Formats

Our software supports more than 150 audio and video formats including the most rare ones. You can cut files in MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, M4A, etc. See the full list of supported formats.

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